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Escape. Indulge. Awaken. The Soul invites you on a journey into the self.

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Social Detox Program

Regain peace and balance in your mind through our Social Detox Program,
designed by experts in wellness of body and mind.

Many people feel stressed and exhausted from overuse of the internet or social media. If you feel down and would like to shut off from the digital world, we provide mindful relief through the following course:

Start the program with a welcome drink, then connect your mind with nature through a light exercise.

Revive your mental energy while mindfully enjoying a delicious meal.

Relax with 90 minutes of massage, specially designed for this program.

Practice basic meditation with our guru and learn about the principle foundations of inner peace.

Refresh your mind and recharge your energy with an ambient dose of color therapy.

Release the electromagnetic current in your body and bring vitality back into your life by walking barefoot on the grass with mindfulness, then savouring the moment to reconnect with the life around you.

Feel the peace and serenity which Saraburi has to offer.

End the program with refreshments, and then unwind amidst inspiring mountain views.

* The sequence of the program may be shifted, but all guests will attend all portions of the course. The program duration is six hours, and begins 10-11 am.

* Guests are required to leave their mobile phones with the host.

The Hermit Hut

A natural escape from desire and luxury. Feel what it is like to embrace meditation fully, and to truly experience an ascetic lifestyle.


Discover a journey deep into the mind, and explore at your own pace.

Our dedicated gurus are lifelong masters, who can guide you to true awakening experiences and show you never-before-seen peaks. Guests can enjoy a simple introduction to meditation instruction, or take more advanced steps to further practise, and adapt to everyday life activities. 

Breathe in, stay in balance and know thyself. Come and practice in a place where time and thought are no longer factors – only then can one sense what lies beyond feelings and sensation.

A world of happiness and peace awaits, hidden in plain sight.


Walk along a majestic mountain path on a hidden trail. The naturally occurring route runs alongside the hotel property, within easy reach of the guest rooms.


Gather round the bonfire, breathe in the still evening air and listen as one of our resident gurus shares lighthearted tales of wisdom and mindfulness. Enlighten your mind and warm your heart with ancient stories of the Buddha and Zen.

The most enduring luxury is finding your way back to you.

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