Manasikarn Hall 

A cultural and religious museum, recently opened in September 2022. Set in the Thai contemporary building, the hall is separated into two corridors. The entrance hallway displays the “Journey to the Life of Buddha” exhibition, while the exit hallway covers the Buddha’s teachings for modern living. 

Further down the main hall is the Stupa Hall which enshrines 18 Buddha relics, the golden Buddha statue “Phra Borommalokanat” and an embroidered Buddha image with 651,000 stitches.

A Spiritual Life exhibition can also be found behind Manasikarn Hall. It includes a video room with programming for teaching basic meditation. The hall also sits next to a market offering local products, souvenirs, meditation clothing and Thai costume rentals. 

Directions: Manasikarn Hall is a two-minute walk west from The Soul Resort.

Wat Tham Bo Pla  

A small Buddhist monastery tucked into the 300-meter-high limestone mountain Phra Phutthabat Noi. It is built around a cave hall, divided into three rooms. The first, Tham Bo Pla has a fish pool. The second room, Tham Thong Phra Rong has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites shaped like the goddess Guan Yin and the Chinese trinity Hok Lok Siew. 

Directions: Located 1.5 km from The Soul Resort; a three-minute drive away.

Wat Phra Phutthabat 

Ancient first-class royal Buddhist monastery. Its name means “Buddha Footprint Temple” and it contains a natural depression in the stone believed to be a footprint of the Lord Buddha. 

The sacred footprint is covered by a decorated golden case inside an elevated Mondop. A gold staircase, a silver staircase, and a glass staircase lead down from heaven. At the foot of the stairs is a five-headed Naga cast in bronze. 

Directions: Phra Phutthabat temple is built in the mountains, and mostly surrounded by forest. It is a 20 minute drive from The Soul Resort (29 km).


Chokchai Farm  

The largest fully-integrated dairy farm in Asia. A famous agricultural attraction, it has been named Thailand’s best farm four times since 2002. Activities include farm tours, cowboy shows, milking, making fresh ice cream and dog shows. Chokchai farm has its own eateries including a steakhouse. Suwan Farm, popular for its sweet corn, also lies nearby.

Directions: Pak Chong district, Nakhon Ratchasima; a 45 minute drive from The Soul Resort (50 km).

Khao Yai National Park

An expansive UNESCO World Heritage site and ASEAN Heritage Park, which touches four provinces. It is home to two gorgeous waterfalls – Haew Narok and Haew Suwat – and offers a range of activities, such as camping and hiking. 

Popular places of interest in Khao Yai include art museums, vineyards and orchards. There are many hotels and resorts, cafés and restaurants lying around the vast mountain ranges. Many attractions are spread out.

Directions: Khao Yai National Park is a 90-minute drive from The Soul Resort in Nakhon Ratchasima. The nearest Khao Yai attractions can be found within 40 minutes.